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My Footprints mentoring program provides our youth with the framework needed

to navigate through life inspired and purposefully. This program is designed to

encourage, inspire and ignite a fire for self-growth in all areas of life. My Footprints

 focuses on education, character, and service. These three areas are vital and when nurtured will contribute to the success of our youth. 

Remember who you were before the world told you who you should be.

"Charles Bukowsi"  

Our Mission

To create an environment that establishes supportive networks as

well as positive role models for

the youth of today.  


Our Vision

Through the eyes of experienced mentors we  realize the importance of  social opportunities, personal growth, public service and life long relationships. We knew that those same opportunities needed to manifest for today’s youth. The My Footprints mentoring program began with a heart to serve youth. 

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